Barra in the Outer Hebrides is a small island measuring 8 x 5 miles and covers about 20 square miles. The island is hilly with many beautiful beaches. The resident population numbers about 1,400. Both Gaelic and English are spoken on this mainly Catholic island. My photo albums of Barra & Vatersay

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rain! Wind! Shite!

Friday, 17 June

We rode our bikes to the airport in spite of the rain and winds, and although Danny didn’t find it too unpleasant, I found it to be a miserable experience.  We had lunch at the airport and planned to watch a plane land on the beach, but just missed one and were too early for the next one. 

Before we left we walked behind the airport and climbed a trail over the dunes to view a very long beach with surfers. 

Barra Airport - beach runways

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